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Materials and equipment


Company uses the material exclusively of marine origin and of high quality confirmed by the certificates from the manufactures and classification societies
For prompt work performance there is necessary reserve materials on the territory of the company which allow proceeding immediately even to the emergency repairs.

If desired the customer can pre-notify for the repair of spare parts and the company is responsible for delivery. This happens basically in case of preliminary production of spare parts.



Welding works

For carrying out the full set of welding works we use more than 100 pieces of welding equipment (semi-automatic devices). Acetylene cutting, powder welding – all this speeds up the production process and allows to carry out steel renewal works for about 8 tons per day.
Also the workers use the apparatus of plasma arc cutting and welding. We practice preliminary made steel contractions with using automatic thermal cutting of sheet metal that is carried out in the work shops on special machines.
Besides the preliminary blasting and priming of sheet metal are carried out.

Cleaning and painting works

Our company actively uses water blasting – for this purpose the apparatus of water blasting of high pressure 1000 bar were bought. Also we carry out all works of water ballast tanks cleaning and painting. For this we use special equipment – air drier and special vacuum cleaners.

Scaffoldings and other hoisting equipment

For today the volume of scaffoldings in our own possession allows to cover the volume of hold works of the vessels with DWT up to 65.000.00 tons completely.
We also use 6 telescopic elevators, transport for cover transportation and other cargo-transporting equipment.