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Repair during the voyage

Our company performs technical service as well. At any port of the world and during the voyage of the vessel a whole complex of repairing, overhauling, starting-up and adjustment works can be fulfilled by our experts.

All our specialists have valid documents: certificates, seaman’s books, foreign passports etc. We are always ready to go to a way and to perform demanded work worldwide. At your service – qualified welders and electronic engineers, specialists of a various kind of vessel’s repair including: automatics, hydraulic and refrigeration units, electric and fuel equipment, speed governors and many others. We carry out pre-repair investigation of parts and units of machinery, hull constructions also manufacturing of parts and units from “zero” stage.

For shortening the terms and prices of the dock repair our company Castle Holdings LLC successfully applies a ship repair during a vessel’s voyage. This allows ship owner reduce the charge of shipyard repair, prolong downtime of mechanisms and also safes from expenses caused by unforeseen breakage of the mechanism during cargo-handling works or berthing at the port.
Repair of hydraulics and automation, as well as piping and welding works undertaken around the world are in high demand in our company. Service engineers are highly qualified and ready to come to the ship as soon as possible.